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Chan Chung Yau, Brian - Senior Partner

Mr. Chan, as one of the lead Partners of our firm, represents clients in the area of entertainment, consumer electronics, automobile industry, toys, garments and computer software, handling various types of intellectual property rights protection and enforcement.

In recent years, his practice has been involved in intellectual property rights lawsuits in Hong Kong and overseas and as a legal adviser on international intellectual property rights protection strategy and enforcement, collection of royalties, licensing and campaign, trade mark opposition and cancellation, copyright and patent disputes and infringement cases, as well as commercial, advice on film production and copyright issues.

Mr. Chan is also a frequent speaker on intellectual property protection and enforcement issues at the Hong Kong Productivity Council.


  • Bachelor of laws (LLB)
  • Law Society Finals Examinations, England and Wales
  • Admission as Solicitor in Hong Kong, 1995


Notable Experience

  • Over 20 years of handling intellectual property rights protection and enforcement in Hong Kong, China and rest of the world
  • Counsel to a major Malaysian automobile manufacturer on intellectual property and commercial matters in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Counsel to a number of major and listed consumer electronic goods manufacturers based in China and Hong Kong in commercial and litigation matters
  • Counsel to a Malaysian gambling and holiday resort provider on intellectual property matters in China and Hong Kong
  • Counsel to a Malaysian pioneer information and communication technologies supplier on intellectual property matters especially in relation to patents, industrial designs, copyrights, trade marks and Integrated Circuits protection in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Represented a major US audio software company in enforcing its rights against a major TV and DVD manufacturer in Hong Kong
  • Counsel to a major film production company based and listed in Hong Kong especially in copyrights protection strategies
  • Counsel to an information technology professionals accreditation consortium based in the US on intellectual property matters
  • Counsel to a number of major European fashion houses on copyright protection.
  • Counsel to a number of Japan based beverages and natural health food manufacturers
  • Frequent speaker on legal issues for intellectual property rights for the Hong Kong Productivity Council
  • Senior Adviser to the Chief Brand Officer Association of Hong Kong (CBOHK)


Professional Affiliations

  • International Trademark Attorneys Association
  • Asian Patent Attorneys Association


Contact Details

Email address  :
Tel                       : (852) 2823 9193



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