Intellectual Property
A. Trade Mark
B. Copyright
C. Patent
D. Industrial Design
E. Intellectual Property Enforcement

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
A. Commercial Disputes
B. Employment
C. Insolvency and Bankruptcy
D. Judicial Review
E. Land/Property
F. Matrimonial
G. Mediation and alternative
dispute resolution
H. Tax

Criminal Litigation
Corporate Finance
Probate and Trust
Cross-Border Transactions with PRC


Intellectual Property

A. Trade Mark Services

  • Trademark Clearance and Availability Search
  • Trademark Registration, Transfer and Renewal
  • Trademark User Evidence
  • Licensing of Trademark
  • Prosecuting and Defending Trademark Cancellation and Invalidation
  • Launching Trademark Opposition
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Advising On Trademark Counterfeiting and Infringement
  • Advising on Market Survey of Trademark
  • Custom Enforcement of Trademark
  • Trade Exhibition Trademark Enforcement
  • Surveillance of Trademark Use
  • Protection of Well-Known Trademarks
  • Opposition of Confusingly Similar Marks
  • Invalidation of Marks obtained in Bad Faith
  • Worldwide Co-Existence Contract Negotiation
  • Revocation of Marks based on Non-Use

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B. Copyright Services

  • Copyright Protection Advice
  • Prosecuting and Defending Copyright Infringement
  • Customs Protection and Recordation
  • Copyright Licensing and Royalty Contract Negotiation and Drafting
  • Analysis of Copyright Infringement
  • Advising on Criminal Offences under the Copyright Ordinance
  • Online Copyright Infringement and Compliance
  • Copyright Assignment and Transfer
  • Product Design Protection and Enforcement

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C. Patent Services

  • Patent Registration, Licensing, Transfer and Maintenance
  • Prosecuting and Defending Patent Revocation
  • Patent Prior Art Search
  • Enforcement of Patent against Infringement
  • Patent Licensing and Royalty Contract Negotiation and Drafting
  • Analysis of Patent Conflict and Infringement
  • Management of International Patent Portfolio
  • Official Patent Prior Art Search
  • International Patent Protection

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D. Industrial Design

  • Industrial Design Registration, Licensing, Transfer and Renewal
  • Prosecuting and Defending Design Infringement
  • Licensing and Royalty Contract Negotiation
  • Trade Exhibition Enforcement
  • Revocation of Invalid Design Registration

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E. Intellectual Property Enforcement

  • Arbitration and Mediation of Intellectual Property Rights Disputes and Infringement Claims
  • Warning Letters to Infringers
  • Investigation of IPR Infringement
  • Court Action and Injunctive Relief
  • Temporary Injunction
  • Court Seizure Order
  • Court Assessment of Damages
  • Seeking Recovery of Damages Legal Costs
  • Customs Enforcement
  • Trade Fair Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Obtaining Disclosure of Infringing Activities

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